I’m writing from Grand Manan Island, where I’ve been coming since I was a little girl. The journey here has grounded me, as it always does. This morning I sit in the family cottage, looking out at a foggy Bay of Fundy, listening to cars pass by on the wet pavement. The challenges of the last few months are beginning to slip away, and I’m grateful.

Through some mysterious alchemy, my thoughts and emotions feel more organized when I’m here. My plan to develop a series of drawings about water (watersheds, specifically) is suddenly taking form in my sketchbook; my summer running schedule is mapped out. I feel the anticipatory pleasure of having just enough of a plan in place to give me purpose, with enough open space for the unexpected.

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Lucinda is an artist and teacher whose work focused on landscape and place. Bliss currently serves as Dean of Graduate Studies at Massachusetts College of Art and Design
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4 Responses to Watershed

  1. gee vine says:

    speaking of watersheds and basins,i’m also currently writing on the watershed basins[ Ocie] of the western Appalachian, east of the Natchez Trace…there used to be a civilization there with a common ‘trade language’ called Mobilian. I’ve done a bit of research so far, the one person i spoke to who had been there told me, before i had asked? ” it’s very wet.”

  2. I will be there on June 15th for the Bay of Fundy International Marathon. Are you running that race?
    It is a small race with less than 300 signed up for the marathon the last I checked.

    • I happened to be at Tide Mill Farm last year (doing a farm run) as bib pick up was happening. I’d love to do that race. I don’t have it on this year’s schedule but perhaps next summer! I heard great things about it!

      • I’ve heard lots of small or rolling hills. I think last year was the first year. A blogger wrote about it and that’s about all I have to go on. I plan to drive the course on Saturday just so I don’t have any suprises.
        I should be out running right now!

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