Thorny Questions

HeadingThe question that inspired me to start this blog in the first place–how to develop a life that’s in alignment with what lights me up–feels like a thorn in my side this week. Some unexpected challenges have come up, raising big questions about the coming year, and I’ve been in need of a long run to sort it all out. It’s been icy and cold in Maine–not conducive to long road runs–and I’ve come to depend on long runs in order to process mental thorns.

A few days ago, I flew out to Tucson to assist my mom with a move, and in spite of a head cold, I’ve been getting out for at least a short run every day. There are the rattlers, cyclists, and hot rods to look out for, but no black ice or snow banks. This morning, I ran up into the Coronado National Forest, on the road that leads to Mt. Lemmon. The mountain, at 9,159 feet, is the highest point in the Santa Catalinas and the journey up is stunning. Given my head cold, I didn’t have much lung strength, so I took a gentle, hour-long run into the hills.

Heading out of my mom’s yard, I could see the adventure ahead.



3As the road winds its way up, it’s fun to take in the view back down toward the city:



up, up, up…

And the ocotillo in bloom:6

8I wasn’t carrying any water, so after a few miles up the mountain, I decided I should head back to the house. The cyclists were coming in a steady flow from below, as the 25 mile route to the peak is a popular weekend trek.

9The day was heating up into the high 70s, and it was the right choice to turn around and make my way back down the mountain. I don’t tend to do well in the heat, and I had the tell tale beet red face when I finished the trip.

hotfaceThe run didn’t banish the thorny questions, but it did seem to sort them in a way that has allowed me to be present in the day. Clarity will come.

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Lucinda is an artist and teacher whose work focused on landscape and place. Bliss currently serves as Dean of Graduate Studies at Massachusetts College of Art and Design
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7 Responses to Thorny Questions

  1. mmwm says:

    Thanks for the photos! And please carry water. Last night in my arts salon we discussed the Rumi quote: “Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” Reminds me of your guiding question.

    • I should have had water today–tomorrow I’ll be sure to tote some along. The Rumi quote is perfect, just tricky when life doesn’t cooperate! But sometimes finding the right question or lens is 90% of the work.

  2. Andrea Galuza says:

    Glad you are there running in the warmth and yes carry water. A camel back perhaps. Love the look of arid these days.

  3. gee says:

    of all birds of prey, it is only the eagle who does not look over their shoulder before striking.
    might be a total vision thing.

  4. Heather Blease says:

    Just saw your blog Lucinda…thank you for sharing. I’m at the end of my rope with the challenge of getting out for runs or bike rides on icy roads. It won’t be long here in Maine before the situation improves. Enjoy your time in the warmth.

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